All awards were presented to the winners at CES 2006 in Las Vegas.

:: 2005 Awards ::

Edge of the Art

Wilson Audio Specialties Alexandria X-2 Loudspeakers

Exceptional Value

Axiom Audio M80 v2 Loudspeakers

Budget Leader

NAD L73 DVD Receiver

Innovation in Design

Zanden Audio Model 5000 Signature Digital-to-Analog Converter and Model 2000 Premium Transport

Aesthetics & Sound

Conrad-Johnson ACT2 Preamplifier

Best Product Debut

AudioQuest Sky Interconnects

Hall of Fame

Magnepan MG3.6/R Loudspeakers
Home Theater & Sound

Product of the Year

Outlaw Audio Model 990 Surround-Sound Processor

Product of the Year

Axiom Audio EP500 Subwoofer
SoundStage! A/V

Product of the Year

Classé Audio Delta SSP-600 Surround-Sound Processor


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