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The products listed here are currently manufactured and available for purchase. We also maintain historical listings that show, by year, every product we've named a Reviewers' Choice.

A note about all selections: Prices are valid at time of review unless otherwise indicated. Please check with your retailer or the manufacturer for current pricing.

:: Power Cords & Power Conditoners ::

Audio Magic Stealth and Stealth Mini Digital Power Conditioners
Full Review by John Potis - 4/2003
Prices: Stealth: $1699 USD; Stealth Mini Digital: $799
Published in SoundStage!

ExactPower EP15A Power Conditioner/Regenerator
Full Review by Doug Schneider - 11/2003
Prices: $1995 USD
Published in SoundStage!

JPS Labs Power AC+ Power Cord
Follow-Up Review by Doug Blackburn - 9/2003
Prices: $499 USD (two-meter length)
Published in SoundStage!

Shunyata Research Anaconda Helix Alpha and Anaconda Helix Vx Power Cords
Follow-up Review by Marc Mickelson - 11/2006
Prices: Anaconda Helix Alpha, $1995 USD per six-foot length; Anaconda Helix Vx, $2195 per six-foot length
Published in SoundStage!

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