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:: Amplifiers ::

Luxman L-509u Integrated Amplifier
Full Review by Uday Reddy - 2/2009
Price: $10,000 USD
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Zanden Audio Model 9600 Mono Amplifiers
Full Review by Marc Mickelson - 1/2009
Price: $51,975 USD per pair
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:: Digital Sources ::

Arcam FMJ CD37 CD/SACD Player
Full Review by Roger Kanno - 3/2009
Price: $2199 USD
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Copland DRC205 Digital Room Correction Processor
Full Review by Colin Smith - 2/2009
Price: $2995 USD
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:: Interconnects & Speaker Cables ::

Shunyata Research Aeros Aurora-IC Interconnects and Aurora-SP Speaker Cables
Full Review by Marc Mickelson - 2/2009
Price:Interconnects, $7500 USD per meter pair; speaker cables, $15,000 per eight-foot pair.
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