Reviewers' Choice Year-End Awards - 2002

These awards recognize products in seven categories and have been picked by our editorial staff from among all products that have already been reviewed in a SoundStage! Network publication. Congratulations to all the winners.

Edge of the Art
  • Orpheus Laboratories Two Multichannel Preamplifier
Exceptional Value (tie)
  • Thiel Audio CS1.6 Loudspeakers
  • Audio Research SP16 Preamplifier
Budget Leader
  • Energy Connoisseur C-3 Loudspeakers
Innovation in Design
  • Magnepan MGMC1/MGCC2 Multichannel Speaker System
Aesthetics & Sound (tie)
  • Zanden Audio 5000 Mk II Digital-to-Analog Converter
  • Tenor Audio 75Wi Mono Amplifiers
Best Product Debut
  • Amphion argon2 Loudspeakers
Hall of Fame
  • Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 7 Loudspeakers
Home Theater & Sound  
Outstanding Product
  • Anthem AVM 20 Surround-Sound Processor
Outstanding Product
  • Mirage OMNISAT 6 Home-Theater Speaker System

All awards were presented to the winners at CES 2003 in Las Vegas.

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